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Hi, I’m Owen O'Donnell.

I'm a software developer with a passion for web design. I enjoy developing simple, clean and slick websites
that provide real value to the end user.

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A Few Facts About Me

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Sports all rounder. Mainly from the couch...

I enjoy football ( not to be confused with NFL! ) whether it's playing astro or watching it on tv. I support Liverpool F.C and yes...this means that I think every year will be our year!

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Social beverages are good. Get em' in!

I enjoy socialising (sensibly) on the weekends with a refreshing beer or two!

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Fishing passed me by... I eat them though!

I come from the fishing village of Burtonport in Donegal. If the industry had not fallen on hard times maybe I could have been a fisherman. However I doubt I would have cut it, think I got a sore thumb from typing this...

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Movies or Netflix series marathons... I'm there

When I'm not at my computer (which is rare), I enjoy the odd movie or series episode. I particularly enjoy Bloodline, Suits, Blue Bloods and KUWTK. Please don't google that last one...

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" The only source of knowledge is experience. "
- Albert Einstein

I'm continuously trying to better myself and still get challenged (you could say frustrated...) on a daily basis. Want to know what experience and technical skills I have acquired so far?

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