Project Description

At college I received a first for my final year development project which was a wellbeing management application called MeTime. The application allowed users to track factors such as exercise, sleep, stress levels and meals consumed which all contribute to personal wellbeing.

The system would then give feedback to the end user in a visual time-line. The time-line would provide the user with encouragement based on the metrics that they provided. The idea of the project was to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle.

After all if you see on your time-line that you have only slept 5 hours the night before and you logged a very high stress metric the next day then its going to be obvious that this is one of the contributing factors.

The application needed to have a slick, intuitive user interface that encouraged users to log their data. To do this I incorporated gamification throughout the site by rewarding the users with points. I also used a lot of JQuery to create animations that caught the users eye.

The design for the application included positive, uplifting colours. I had done some research as part of my thesis on moods and colours on the web which helped me identify the right colour scheme. The design was simple, modern and clean with a fun feel to it.

The resulting application was a slick intuitive platform where users could log data to monitor their lifestyle and improve personal and physical wellbeing. My lecturers at college obviously liked it and I was quite happy with it too!

Project Type

Web Application

What I did

  • Application Design
  • Database Design
  • Software Requirements Documentation
  • Research Documents - Competitors, Gamification and Engagement

Technology used

  • ASP.NET, SQL Server 2012, Telerik, HTML, CSS, JQuery
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